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Quantum Server

Quantum Server

Quantum Server is the revolutionary server-based algorithmic engine. Quantum Server is designed to facilitate the development of black box trading systems, automated strategies and smart orders. Quantum algo jobs are programmed in StellarScript, a powerful, rich and easy to use language. With 100% server-side execution, Quantum utilises the same cutting-edge and proven technologies employed in the Stellar spreadMachine to maximise performance, scalability and integration.

Functional Highlights Include:

  • Low-latency, highly scalable, exceptional performance
  • Seamless access to the Stellar spreadMachine and all synthetic order functionality
  • Quick-to-deploy algorithmic trading
  • Comprehensive backtesting capabilities
  • Quantum jobs programmed in StellarScript
  • Integrated Complex Event Processing engine
  • Exceptional integration with the Stellar Front End, Stellar spreadMachine and Stellar API

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