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Stellar Trader

Stellar Trader

Powerful, Ultrafast and Easy to Use

The Stellar Front End combines ultrafast order entry with a high degree of flexibility. The front end comprises an integrated suite of applications designed from the ground up to present a rich, responsive and consistent interface.

Emphasis on Speed with Server-Side Execution

The Stellar Front End has an emphasis on speed, displaying market data and routing orders as fast as possible. Unlike other trading systems, the Stellar architecture places the complexities and workload of the trading system onto the servers, freeing the front end to focus solely on trader interaction. Stellar responds instantly, even in the busiest market conditions.

Uniquely, every aspect of the front end, from price ladders and grid view, to order book and spread matrix, is fully customisable, allowing traders to tailor their screen look and feel to that of their existing system. This minimises migration disruption and the time out of the market that is traditionally associated when switching to a new trading system, whilst the trader benefits from the enhanced performance and functionality provided by Stellar.

Stellar Risk

Stellar provides comprehensive pre and post trade risk control. The Stellar Risk system is an integral part of the Stellar architecture, analysing all order flow and position updates on a real time basis. Risk managers may set limits at a variety of severity levels, with warnings delivered via visual, audible and email alerts. The Stellar Risk front end provides the risk manager with a one-stop overview of all account activity.

Functional highlights include –

  • All standard trading screens, including grid view, price ladder, spread matrix and time and sales.
  • Powerful synthetic order types, including stops, icebergs, brackets, OCOs, and conditional orders. All synthetic order functionality is server based for maximum performance.
  • Stellar Charts is a fully integrated charting package. Powerful and simple to use, charting both exchange-listed contracts and user-defined synthetic spreads.
  • Multiple workspaces per trader for quick switching to alternate screen layouts.
  • Full account based pre and post trade limit checking.
  • Fast Excel integration using the Stellar RTD server.

Fully Customisable Front End

  • Clean, intuitive interface
  • Promotes instant familiarity
  • Reduces initial learning curve
  • Minimises migration disruption

Unrivalled Order Functionality

  • Bracket orders
  • Stops and trailing stops
  • OCOs
  • Conditional orders
  • Icebergs
  • Contingent orders


  • All industry standard trading windows
  • Complete customisation possible
  • Single click or ticket based order entry
  • Simultaneous submission for multiple orders

Dynamic Vertical Depth Display

  • Ultrafast order entry
  • Intuitive visualisation of the market


  • Configure multiple order books for different products or accounts
  • Filter via transaction/order type
  • Configure sounds on submit, amend, pull, hold, unhold, shatter, partial fill, complete fill
  • Hold/unhold function
  • Shatter orders function
  • Convert to bracket or OCO

Configure Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts

  • Extensive range of keyboard shortcuts for fast trade entry
  • Different trading functions can be assigned to each mouse button

Trading Defaults

  • Set default parameters for a variety of order types based on product or series.


  • Intuitive display of spread markets
  • Complete configuration of matrix data


  • Position and P&L information
  • Summary display of multiple accounts
  • Drill down mechanism for further detail
  • Limit breach alerts with colour coded severity warnings and sound alerts


  • Filter by trade type
  • Specify minimum volume

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